Dental Inlays and Onlays

An illustrated example of an inlay compared to an onlay Providing greater support than a filling, but requiring less tooth alteration than a crown, dental inlays and onlays placed at our Farmingdale, NY, practice restore molars following treatment for decay or trauma. Using CEREC® (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) technology, Drs. Donald Kahn, Daniel Aldieri, and Angela Ferrari, are able to conveniently design and place these restorative treatments in just one visit. 

What are Inlays and Onlays?

Fillings are suitable for repairing teeth after treatment for mild decay. Crowns are needed for more severe cases of decay and trauma. Inlays and onlays can benefit teeth with moderate restorative needs. Unlike dental crowns, which require significant alteration of your natural tooth, inlays and onlays actually preserve a greater portion of the tooth. Both inlays and onlays are custom-designed to fit your tooth like a puzzle piece.

The area between the cusps is referred to as the chewing surface of the tooth. The cusps themselves are the protruding parts of the teeth. An inlay is used to repair decay and damage between the cusps, while an onlay is used to cover one or more decayed or damaged cusps.

How are Inlays and Onlays Created and Placed?

Prior to creating and placing a restoration, your dentist must first determine whether an inlay or onlay is more appropriate than a filling or crown. We will carefully examine your tooth and take x-rays to view the extent of decay or trauma. Once we determine that an inlay or onlay is best, we can begin the process. First we will remove any decayed or damaged portions of your tooth. Then, using our CEREC® technology, we will take digital impressions of your tooth. This system then carves your inlay or onlay from a block of porcelain selected to match the color of your tooth.

While more extensive treatment is sometimes necessary, we try to preserve maximum natural tissue whenever possible.

With this technology, we can create and place your inlay or onlay in a single appointment, rather than requiring two appointments. Once your inlay or onlay is prepared, we can then place it into your tooth and secure it with dental cement. We can then make any minor adjustments to ensure a secure and comfortable fit that does not affect your bite.

Benefits of Inlays and Onlays

One of the primary benefits of inlays and onlays is the ability to preserve more of your natural tooth. While more extensive treatment is sometimes necessary, we try to preserve maximum natural tissue whenever possible. Additionally, inlays and onlays are a long-lasting treatment. With our tooth-colored options, your inlay or onlay is virtually invisible. Our inlays and onlays also have the added benefit of convenience. Traditional inlays and onlays typically require two separate appointments. With our CEREC® technology, we can treat your tooth, take the impressions, and design and place the restoration in a single visit.

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