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Dental Crowns Custom-crafted to Match Your Smile

We offer durable, natural-looking dental crowns to restore and enhance your smile at our Farmingdale, NY, office. These custom-made restorations can strengthen and repair badly damaged teeth. They can also restore your complete dental function and refine the appearance of your smile. At KFA Dental, we offer crowns made from the latest metal-free materials, as well as more traditional options. We also can often provide same-day crowns made with our state-of-the-art CEREC® system. Dr. Donald Kahn, Dr. Daniel Aldieri, and Dr. Angela Ferrari will work carefully and expertly to ensure a comfortable fit and a highly realistic appearance for your customized restoration.  

Photo of a dental crown
Dental crowns support compromised teeth while restoring the appearance of your smile.

Is a Crown Right for You?

Crowns can often repair even severely damaged teeth. Our dentists may use a crown to address:

  • A very large cavity that is too big for a filling
  • A cracked tooth, provided that the crack does not extend down to the root
  • A worn tooth
  • A misshapen or proportionately small tooth, especially if it affects the balance of your bite
  • A tooth with severe aesthetic blemishes

In addition, crowns are an important part of root canal therapy, preserving teeth and preventing the need for extraction. If you are missing a tooth, we can also restore your smile with an implant-supported crown. Drs. Kahn, Aldieri, and Ferrari will carefully examine your teeth before recommending a particular restorative treatment.

Crowns can often restore even gravely damaged teeth, eliminating the need for extraction and other more extensive procedures.

Designing, Creating, and Placing Dental Crowns

Before placing a crown, we will carefully plan your restorative procedure to ensure lasting and beautiful results. First, we will reshape your tooth. In this way, we can remove bacteria and decayed tissue, and make room for the crown, allowing it to sit securely against your tooth. Afterwards, a member of our team will take impressions. For traditional restorations, these models will be sent to our dental lab. There, technicians will create your restoration, typically made of durable, natural-looking zirconia or IPS e.max®. Our lab-created crowns have a two week turnaround. While you are waiting, we will supply a temporary crown. Once your restoration is ready, we will ensure a proper fit, and will secure it in place.

Many patients choose a same-day crown, made with our in-office CEREC® system. For these restorations, we will take digital impressions of your tooth. Then Dr. Kahn, Dr. Aldieri, or Dr. Ferrari will design the restoration on a chair-side computer. The designs will upload to our milling machine, which will produce your crown from a solid piece of porcelain in less than an hour. Similar to lab-fabricated crowns, CEREC® restorations have a very natural appearance and are extremely durable. Our team will ensure your crown fits your tooth and bite, and will attach it to your tooth, restoring your smile.

Photo of the CEREC system

The Benefits of Dental Crowns

Crowns can have notable benefits for your long-term dental health. These restorations can often restore even gravely damaged teeth, eliminating the need for extraction and other more extensive restorative procedures. Crowns can restore your ability to bite, chew, and eat a balanced diet. In addition, if you have worn or unusually shaped teeth, a crown can redistribute the force along your dental arches to reduce your risk of teeth grinding and related conditions. Finally, crowns can enhance the look of your smile, especially when you receive our custom-crafted restorations. At KFA Dental, we use advanced materials that shine naturally like enamel, and can blend with the color of your smile.

Repair Your Smile

Our entire team strives to help each patient receive aesthetic, lasting restorations. To learn more about crowns and our meticulous design process, contact KFA Dental today

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