Repair Your Smile with Restorative Dentistry

Dental Implants

We place and restore dental implants. These titanium posts are inserted into the jawbone to replace missing tooth roots. Since they fuse with the bone tissue, implants provide an excellent foundation for crowns, bridges, and dentures. Our dentists offer both traditional and mini implants. We can also use the All-on-4® technique to secure dentures with just four posts per arch. After the procedure, you will typically wear temporary restorations for between four and five months while your bone and tissue heal. Once you have healed, we can place your permanent restoration.

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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns cover the entirety of your tooth from its chewing surface to the gum line, providing support after treatment for damage or decay. Ninety percent of our dental crowns are metal free, made from durable, natural-looking e.max® porcelain and zirconia. We may be able to treat your tooth and place your crown in a single day using our CEREC® machine, but some crowns will need to be manufactured by our partner laboratory, which involves a two-week turnaround time. We can provide a temporary crown in the meantime.

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Dental Bridges

Bridges are restorations consisting of one or more crowns replacing missing teeth. They can attach to adjacent crowns on healthy teeth, or dental implants. Our dentists use bridges made from a combination of zirconia and porcelain (the e.max® ZirCad brand), for strength and aesthetics. We most often recommend implant-supported bridges, since these are more durable and can prevent the bone atrophy that occurs in the absence of tooth roots.

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Dental Inlays and Onlays

If your tooth has damage that is too extensive for a dental filling but not large enough to warrant a crown, our dentists may recommend an inlay or onlay. These are custom-made restorations that cover just the side or chewing surface of the tooth. We create all inlays and onlays in our office using our CEREC® computer-aided design and manufacturing system. We typically use tooth-colored ceramic, porcelain, or zirconia to create inlays and onlays.

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Dental Fillings

A filling provides support following cavity treatment. Our dentists use tooth-colored composite fillings that restore your tooth while providing a realistic look. We do not typically replace amalgam fillings if they are functioning properly, but if they are in disrepair or causing cosmetic concerns, we can remove them and provide a tooth-colored replacement. Our cavity treatments are efficient and comfortable, and provide pleasing aesthetics.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction 

Full mouth reconstruction is a customized treatment plan designed to completely restore oral health from any state of compromise. It is a combination of treatments that can combines dental implants, dental crowns, dental bridges, dental bonding, inlays, onlays, periodontal care, and in some cases, cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening. Our dentists use the most advanced technology such as CEREC® to design and place restorations in-office at your convenience.

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Both traditional and implant-supported dentures can replace an entire arch of teeth. Patients can restore their bite and take confidence in their ability to smile, speak, and eat once more. If necessary, we can place implants and attach dentures during the same appointment with All-on-4 ® options. 

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